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Freeformcabs (Aka) Freeform Cabochons has been around since 2001.

Shain Mayer has been hand cutting freeform cabochon since he was 17 years old. Having now over 23 years’ experience cutting cabochons for jewelers. Shain has seen a lot but is still learning every day. New cuts, new materials, new friends, and new inspirations can be found here at

Some of my favorite materials I will feature here in my inventory for this website. However if you want to get a change at buying new cabochons at a lower price than listed on this website. You need to make your way over to my Facebook group Freeformcabs and join in to buy them first before they go out to the general public.

I keep a Links page for other cabochons cutters I have worked with and resources websites for gemstone lovers and collectors out there. I would like to add your link to Freeformcabs so my customers can find your cabochons too! Make sure to ask your questions about any freeform cabochon you see. I do special custom work if I have the material. So please make sure you reach out.

I specialize in high color and high pattern Agates and Jaspers. I love cutting Picture Jasper and love earth/brown tone jaspers like Biggs and Deschutes Jasper from Oregon. But I don’t really collect material except to cut for cab my lapidary adventures. I am a member of my Local Rimstones Rockclub here in Payson, AZ. And if you would like to be a member we would love to have you. I do enjoy going on rock hunting trips with the Club and my Dad looking for material that I can cut. And I have located a beautiful deposit of bright red trace fossils that I call Red Hill Agate. You will find these for sale in my catalog so make sure to visit it and search for Red Hill. Thanks for visiting.

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