2018 Freeform Cabochon model

September 30, 2019 Off By Shain

This model is no longer active at freeformcabs. But I do appreciate your input or feedback on the idea. It would be nice to have the forum model again as a subdomain of freeformcabs. But who is willing to contribute? I want to work on the Brand Freeformcabs model and would love for you to be a contributor to help your brand here.

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Phase 1:

The current mood of this website is intended for forum / group use. I started a forum back in 2003 and would like to look back to those roots. Hopefully find other lapidaries and like-minded folks that want to contribute to the forums again. The “Grind” as I like to call it will focus around cabochon cutting. It will also focus on materials for cabochon cutting, how to lapidary guides and general market ideas, problems, and inquiries. Please keep it in in mind this is a public forum. Parts of this forum will be private for discussion only for members.

Phase 2:

Will involve having certain cabochon cutters ; whom I approve, to sell or park their cabochons on this website under the freeformcabs brand. This will involved their own personal store page and will allow all customers access to purchase any combination of cabochons from all sellers in one single transaction. Thus, any customer can buy freeform cabochons from all sellers at the same time. We will delve into this more into 2018 after the forum gets going a little bit and I finish working on some coding problems.

Phase 3:

Marketing will be phase 3 to its fullest potential. I hope to gain some more insight on the changing market online and for eCommerce. As well hear from sellers and other who want to participate on how they think it would best serve them to market their stores as one main brand.

I believe certain social media markets are over saturated and if you are serious about selling freeform cabochons, you are going to need a place to park them and someone to manage your website.  Why not trust in freeformcabs.

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Brand Freeformcabs - Deschutes Jasper Cabochon
This cabochon still may be for sale if you click the image.