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July 28, 2017 Off By Shain

This was written this up in 2017 and though it still applies to the industry. Freeformcabs is not going forward and making this brand website usable for outside vendors. I thought it to be a good idea and though it can still work. It would require a lot of extra work on my part without seeing many vendors doing their part. 

Want to learn how to cut a cabochon? Maybe one day I will make a video on it soon.

Im still looking for cabochon cutters who are in the field of marketing their brand, where ever that may be. But actually looking to provide content too. Not just “here, buy my cabs” This mental I still see to this day. So please contact me and tell me why I am wrong and please provide a link to your website.

Original Post 

So the goal of this website is to help fill a gap in the industry that is still fragmented.  Where cabochon cutters are selling and how to help them reach their customer base.

This site in no way is intended to take away from places you may already be selling. It is meant to add to those markets and help brand yourself as a cabochon cutter.  Wether you market or sell you cabs to a select group of customers you’ve maintained over the years, or simple need a place to park some inventory and hopefully find new customers.

New members and customers will only find cabochons for sale on this website. And it will not be bogged down with all types of general lapidary and such. My goal as the Administrator is maintain this secure website, create content, configure SEO parameters, and help foster new and old sellers onto the market.  I will also have cabochons for sale under my name as Shain Mayer.

Currently there are no cabochons for sale but they are coming.  If you are reading this and you are a cabochon cutter. Please reach out to me with any questions.  You can register now are a member of Freeformcabs and participate in the Grind & Feed.

I have set up a simple page on the general rules of the website for vendors mainly.  It has most of the info defined on what I aspect out of a vendor. But here are a couple more reasons I think you will find worth joining in the efforts here at Freeformcabs.

Inventory Parking

1:   Its important to have a place to park your inventory. What draws people to places like Esty is there is no fee to set up a store. Same here, no fee. Every cab you post for sale will show up in your own store. And still be browse able by all shoppers at once.  Without the shoppers having to search more in depth to find cabochons.

Payout is immediate 

2:  When a order is placed you are paid right away and no funds are held.

3: Customers can add any Cab to their order –  A customer will have the ability to purchase cabs from all sellers at once and have one checkout experience.

4: There is no limit to products – In no way will you be limited by how many cabochons you want to list, how long they are listed, and at what price.

So take a look through the site, ask me a question or two, and consider joining or tell someone who may want to branch out their brand into a dedicated place for cabochon cutters. Visit a how to cut a cabochon website and start cutting cabochons today!

Turkish Blue Druze Cabochon
Druzy Blue Chalcedony