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A simple blog for a simple website that sells Freeform cabochons. This blog will be dedicated to providing info on the cabochon trade market value of stones. What people are looking for in cabochons. The types of materials either new to the market or old. And cutting / lapidary techniques or methods I use when cutting stones.

Why read a blog and why should a blog be written? I believe it is important for all sites to create content. And with websites that just sell stuff, it is not content they are written or supplied to the internet and world in general. Just something to buy. So why not write about your field or trade and why it is you do what you do. Sure this content may not be involved or detailed. But it will be content that is important to both your readers and the health of the website in general.

Have you seen “White Tail”?

By Shain

Read this brief post about White Tail. I include some good info and photos of the material in rough and polished form. And Explain a little about the testing and location.

Visit my youtube

By Shain

Videos are all the rage and will continue to be no doubt in the future. So I have been working…

The Cabochon Market Pt.2

By Shain

Learn more about selling cabochons in this blog. I talk about selling cabochons at trade shows, events, farmers market.

Slabbing Priday Moss

By Shain

This is my first video of slabbing Priday Moss I have ever done. 6 weeks ago I was able to…

Where is the Cabochon Market

By Shain

What do you see as a cabochon market? Where do you sell you cabochons and are your successful at it? Please read and comment on this article about the cabochon market.