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Hello from Freeformcabs

June 8, 2017 Off By Shain

Welcome to Freeformcabs.

Did you know freeformcabs has been around since 2004? Back then I tried to do things a little different than the norm. I just couldn’t keep up with demand and cutting at the same time.  Funny thing is now I want to go back to that format. Now with a lot more knowledge in the industry as well as experience in coding and being a webmaster.

When you search for online “freeform cabochons” or go onto social media. You will find a lot of cutters selling under someone else brand in a facebook group for example. This I feel was the idea I tried to make happen years ago in 2007. I ran a yahoo group and forum under the #freeformcabs brand.

So a couple things I am trying out here at Freeformcabs. This is the ability as a user to sell their cabochons under my brand.  But for now this will only be done through my facebook group #freeformcabs. There is an approval process and not all users will be approved to sell their cabochons. Please reach out to me if you have questions and want to sell you cabochons under that brand.

I also hope it will help those either inexperienced or under experienced to gain a foothold within the market together as cutters. Let us help each other out and still be competitive in the process.

I hope it will also lead to me being able to set aside time to cut more cabochons and keep working on carving projects. I have already begun doing this again so pay attention to this website for the newest cabochons coming to the market. Thank you for visiting.