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Freeformcabs has a featured link program and is always looking for valid link partners across the web. Are you a cabochon cutter? Would you like to join in my link program? Only links that pertain to my audience will be added but I will consider sites with a link program. Please reach out to me by contacting me or submitting your link.

Please visit our link page to see all the active links and add your link too. Featured links will be posted up to 10 on the footer over every page at!

How do you get your site featured? If Submit your link I will let you know if it would qualify. There are two main cases for feature placement of links on my website. Either I really like the website and want my audience to find it as it holds important content and is freshly updated. Or you have a really good link program and you feature my link too. A cabochon cutter with a link program will be able to get featured no problem.