Cabochons on Sale

Check back weekly for updated cabochons on sale. Contact me or join my newsletter to learn about when new sales start or live feeds for a cabochon sale will happen.

Why have a cabochon sale?

Like all e-commerce websites you need to runs sales to clear inventory and move product. The goal of this site is to be able to buy more inventory and get a new 10 inch saw. I can’t tell you how long I have wanted a 10 inch saw as a lot of the good material only has about a 3-4 inch cut diameter. My dad has a 20 inch saw and the good stuff we generally cut on it could be cut on a 10 inch. So that is the first goal of this new website. Please help me reach that goal by purchasing a cabochon or two, and/or sharing this site or my brand with your friends so help drive people to see what I am doing.

What is a gemstone worth?

So this is a never ending question in my opinion with the type of material I work with. Picture stones may be considered semi precious but most in general just do not fall under the open market value that would warrant appraisal. Visit Gemval to read more about market value. I feel value is more of a price point with cabochons. 10-20-30 dollar values for 90% of the stuff you find on here. But I will offer some pieces that are next to impossible to replace regardless of value.