Slabbing Priday Moss

Slabbing Priday Moss

June 24, 2020 Off By Shain
Lets get to slabbing Priday Moss

This is my first video of slabbing Priday Moss I have ever done. 6 weeks ago I was able to pick up locally a used Raytech L-6S trim saw. It was well kept and did not have a lot of use on it. The price was fair at $150 and I purchased a couple heavy gauge blades on eBay for it. Please visit Green Forest Lapidary to buy blades I used in this video.

The saw has a slide/clamp set up on it that is original but I couldn’t find any documentation on the model online. If you have any info you want to saw on the model please do. I need to bolt the base down to my counter and really clean the saw up and oil it over. It was kept in good condition it is just old and dirty.

In the video I have a small piece of Priday Moss from the Red beds I show how well this saw can slab. It really was worth the price even though I really don’t plan on using it for slabs. But it is nice to know that I can slab with it if I want to slab. It would best suite slabbing softer and gemmy material like Opal, Turquoise, or Sugelite for example.

Learn more about Moss Agate

Have you ever seen Priday Moss before? It is a lovely agate to cut and polishes out really nice. Here is a link to the GemologyProject talking more about Moss in general and showing some examples.

Now normally I do not do custom cutting for people anymore as there are just too many hurdles to go through. But If you have a question, a comment or just want to reach out to me and tell me how great my Slabbing Priday Moss video is. Please contact me and let me know. I plan to make more.