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Where is the Cabochon Market

June 22, 2020 Off By Shain

So in this blog I want to talk about the location for a cabochon market. where is it exactly and how does one go about selling their cabochons.

Now a lot hasn’t really changed in years for selling cabochons online. I will try to break it down into 4 topics to talk about how and where to sell cabochons. The first topic will be trade shows.

Cabochon Market at Trade Shows

One of my first most inspiring memories was seeing a vendor selling cabochons was at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show. Days Inn to be exact. A lot of folks I am sure have seen and bought cabochons from the duo vendor in the show hall. They would just have cards of pinned Cabochons for sale on their table. Each card had a price. So the cabochons on that card where all the same price. And grouped per material, sets, shapes, and sizes.

I always thought this to be the best way to showcase your cabochons for sale at a trade show. Why? Because the buyer can actually touch the cabochon and pick it up without asking to see it or point to it through a closed glass container, box, or in bins. Now the down side of selling your cabochons this way is if a thief where so inclined to take a card, it may prove easier to steal.

But stealing is a risk you take when selling anything in person. So you just have to not worry and hope you don’t attract those types. The key with keeping these folks away and have enough space around your booth so folks don’t crowd it. Thief’s like crowds because it can hide their sneaky hands. Another thing to do is engage everyone that comes up to your booth. Say “Hi”, ask them some questions. And show them some examples. Keep them engaged with you the best you can.

Having the cabochons accessible for buyers makes for better sales in my opinion and experience. Jeweler’s want to see the cabochon up close to inspect it. Cabochons look different in different lighting, so they can move it around and better image what it would look like in their project setting. They are then able to compare them with another a lot easier. Wether for combining a group to set, or deciding which color, shape, size, or material to buy.

Have you ever sold at a gem-show or craft fair? What was your experience with selling cabochons there? Please comment below with your story. If you are a coordinator for shows of any type where people can sell their cabochons. Please contact me so I can add your link to this article.

Here is a link to Fair& for looking up shows in your area to sell your cabochons. Be creative on where you might find customers to buy your cabochons. And found several right away happen within a week of writing this article, just around Arizona.

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