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August 29, 2020 Off By Shain

Videos are all the rage and will continue to be no doubt in the future. So I have been working on a few videos and this was the latest one. Please make sure to subscribe to the channel if you are into youtube and share the video.

Though I am still learning about how to best shot, edit, and share the important content folks love to watch. Some ideas are in the the works and I am always open to any insight others would like to share on the matter. I do rockhounding videos, and lapidary videos. I also have some old music stuff on there and general going on kind of stuff from my home in Payson.

Have you ever thought about creating videos yourself and sharing them? I highly suggest it and it can be a lot of fun. As well there are so many great creators out there that are all around inspiring. One of my all time favorites is Osara Recipes. He is just the best and I’ve learned a few good recipes from watching his channel.

I really enjoy youtube videos and have a fun time finding new content to watch related to the lapidary, rockhounding, and cooking.

So you have a website or channel I can link to? Please visit my links page and submit your link now.

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